• The number of rules laid down by the Police Department two years back was more than 40. We brought it down to 10 at present.
  • Parking regulations and getting No Objection Certificate from Traffic Police Department was totally removed from licensing formalities.
  • We were asked to produce Rent Receipt, No Objection Certificate from landlord, latest Tax Receipt paid by him while applying for renewal of license. At our special request, they are accepting any one of the above.
  • We had tie up with and they installed a desktop software which fetched our members Rs. 150 per system per month.
  • We reduced the Via World Franchisee (A portal specially made for ticketing in Air, Bus & Train) from Rs.10,000 to Rs.2,500 and more members got benefited.
  • We introduced India Info line, a Trading Company to our members and some of our members started trading and got benefited..
  • Commissioner of Commercial Tax invited us to join hands with them to make the submission of Commercial Tax online, through which many members got benefited..
  • Recently, when more than 200 centers were closed by the Police Department because of an unwanted mail, we all joined together and raised our opposition and made them open.
  • Join hands with us to make your future bright with the support of 900 plus brothers.