What is TNICOA?

TNICOA is an association formed by Internet Center Owners for the benefit of the Internet Center Owners in Tamil Nadu and is known as Tamil Nadu Internet Center Owners Association (TNICOA), a registered Organization.

How to become a member?

Download Membership Form from the home page, fill it and send it by courier (not by ordinary post) to “P. Murugan, President, TNICOA, 37/2, Madha Church Road, 1st Floor, R.A. Puram, Chennai – 600028” along with a Demand Draft (DD) for Rs. 300/- as annual subscription fee, in favour of `TAMIL NADU INTERNET CENTER OWNERS ASSOCIATION’ payable at Chennai.

What are the benefits of joining this association?

  • You will become a member of a family of 900 plus members.
  • You can interact with all other members daily and seek for any help or guidance through our google groups.
  • You will come to know about the rules and norms framed by the Police Department, and the updates given by them, especially for the internet centers.
  • In case of any emergency problem all other members will stand behind you and support you.
  • Most of the Internet-related business offers can be availed through our association.
  • Receive the latest updated technical & legal news about our business.
  • You can post your queries about technical, legal and general clarifications about our business and get expert advice from our experienced members.
  • You will be receiving a beautiful Membership Certificate which is a symbol of pride in our industry.

Is it only for Chennaities or for other cities also?

This association is meant for the Internet Center Owners, who has a center anywhere in Tamil Nadu. The Police Department has almost regularized all the centers in Chennai and they are after other cities in Tamil Nadu now. It is better to join now and get expert advice from us regarding Police License related issues.

What are the basic rules to be followed by the Internet Centers?

As per the instruction given by the Commissioner of Police, Greater Chennai the following rules to be followed to obtain a valid license.

1. The proprietor/authorized signatory of the browsing centre is required to obtain a license from the Commissioner of Police, which is valid for one calendar year. It should be renewed every year by the end of December. A fee of Rs.75/- (Seventy Five only) per annum, per centre will be collected while issuing/renewal of License.

2. The proprietor/authorized signatory is required to execute an undertaking through an indemnity bond for Rs.20/- non-judicial stamp paper, attested by a Notary Public for the compliance of the conditions.

3. The proprietor/authorized signatory or employee or attendant has to be satisfied with the identity of the browser and ensure that proper entry is made in the manual Log Register, which will contain details regarding (1) Computer No. (2) User Details (3) Browser Signature (4) In Time (5) Out Time (6) Identity produced by the browser and (7) Identity issued by the browsing centre.

4. The proprietor/authorized signatory shall maintain the manual log register for browsers and shall remain in his possession for a period of one year and the same should be provided to law enforcement agencies on demand.

5. The proprietor/authorized signatory may take precautions so as to avoid access to the objectionable web sites by the browsers.

6. The proprietor/authorized signatory may ensure that no closed cabins are allowed in the browsing centre.

7. The proprietor/authorized signatory shall be responsible for installing a special software to track all URLs/Web sites visited by each browser in all the computers. This special software log, which contains all the URLs visited by all the browsers in all the computers, has to be preserved for one year.

8. The proprietor/authorized signatory when allowing a browser, who does not possess any photo identity card, subject to the consent of the browser may photograph the browser by using a web camera. The browser shall be explained that this photograph will be stored in the computer for the verification of Law Enforcement agencies whenever required. The Proprietor/authorized signatory is responsible for the safe custody of such photographs to avoid any misuse.

9. Browsing centre shall function from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. (Special permission may be obtained whenever required)

10. The proprietor/authorized signatory must supply every related document, registers and any necessary information to the Law enforcement agencies on demand, who are authorized to check or inspect any browsing centre to ensure compliance of the rules. An officer not below the rank of Inspector of Police is authorized to check or inspect browsing centre and the computer or network established there at any time for the compliance of these rules.

11. The total number of computers in Browsing Centre may be taken into account. Out of the total number the 50% can be presumed as two wheeler users, 50% by public transport.

12. Two wheeler parking in browsing centers for every two person one two wheeler parking can be insisted.

13. Required no. of parking space should be provided within the premises.

14. In cases of browsing centre located in the interior areas without sufficient parking space in the premises, may be considered if the required no. of vehicles is a negligent number, when parked outside the premises does not cause any hindrance to the regular traffic movement.

15. Sketch showing the location width of the road and connecting roads should be enclosed by the applicant along with photograph.

16. Video Cameras should be fixed to store the photos of the browsers so that misuse can be detected.

If I do not follow the norms laid down by the Police Department?

We are here to serve the society without affecting the nation’s and every citizen’s security. The Association will not entertain or support those who are not following the rules laid down by the Police Department.

Do you help us in obtaining license?

No. We do not. You will have to apply for it on your own and then only you can join the Association. But, you may contact Membership Growth Committee for basic clarifications.

I do not have license. How and where to apply for license?

Visit Tamil Nadu Police Website, download the Browsing Center License application form which contains all details. If necessary, you may contact Membership Growth Committee for basic clarifications.

My license is expired. Can I become a member?

First, you should apply for renewal of license and then you can apply for Association membership.

Is there any eligibility criteria for Chennaities to join TNICOA?

Yes. Of course.

1. You should at least have applied for Browsing Center License with Police Department.

2. Your center should be following the basic rules (CCTV, Log register, maintenance, id proof etc.) set by Police Department.

3. You should be charging at least Rs. 15 per browsing hour.

What is the eligibility criteria for the centers located outside Chennai to join TNICOA?

You are advised to follow all the basic rules before joining the Association.